Product Lead, Facebook Growth
Robert d'Apice


Rob joined Port Jackson Partners in 2008 after completing his Bachelor of Science at the Australian National University, in Neuroscience and Immunology.

Since leaving PJP, Rob has co-founded a few different startups in Australia, mostly in consumer Fintech products. In 2016, Rob moved to Silicon Valley, following his passion for building consumer tech products. Rob joined Facebook as a Product Manager in the Growth team and is now responsible for Retention on Facebook. This role includes building and communicating the strategy and coordinating its execution as well as motivating a group of 50-100 engineers/analysts/designers.

“I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life when I joined PJP. I couldn’t have made a better decision: the skills you’ll learn in consulting (especially in a flat, small-team structure like PJP) will help you in so many different careers in the future. Fundamentally, it’s the ability to transform a complex messy problem into a succinct compelling solution that focuses only on what matters. I’m so grateful to the lifelong friends I’ve made at PJP – many of them in the Bay Area that I see regularly, and many others around the world. They are all very talented, driven and fun people that I would work with again in an instant.”